On Farm Trials

 On Farm Testing (OFTs) : 2023-24

Sr. No Title Place
No. of Farmers
A) Agronomy
1 Assess the performance of different Soybean variety suitable for Yavatmal District.  Mahamdpur 07
2 Assess the productivity of Chick pea by use of PGR spray. 07
B) Plant Protection    
1 Management of Wilt in Pigeon pea Mahamdpur 03
2 Management of Wilt in Chickpea 07
C) Agriculture Engineering    
1 Performance of Tractor operated Stubble Collector developed by PDKV, Akola in Yavatmal Distirct 13
2 Performance of Precision Seed Planter Tool  developed by CIAE Bhpoal Mahamdpur, Zadgaon & Ajanti 13
Animal Husbandry & Dairy Science    
Use of Balanced feeding ration in cow Babhulgaon 13
Supplementation of probiotic (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) to Dairy Cow Falegaon 13
 Home Science
Assessment of the nutritional & health status of the farm family adopted under Farming system for nutrition approach model Mahamdpur 20
Assessment of  heat treatment in improving the shelf life of pearl millet flour 13